sábado, 17 de mayo de 2008

Add blur

I'm scatter-brained. Come on, you can do this. There's only one exam left!
I think I'll have to study tonight for some hours to make up some time.
Last night I re-read some chapters of New Moon. They're so happy and in love that they almost make me sick, you can't imagine how much it makes me suffer. Yes, I know, it sounds so hilarious, but it's true, it makes me feel anxious. Reading about extraordinary romances between extraordinary people in extraordinary situations make me extraordinary sick.

I've got rings under my eyes. For some reason I haven't been thinking too much about alcohol and parties, it must be because I'm just befuddled.
I think when I finish my exams I'll spend most of the time in my imaginary basement re-building my inner world xD and then, only then... I'll give up to alcohol and night life. It's not a bad plan.

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