viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

Terry Lawson says:

Thir's some women here that are ages wi lassies that are dancing aw night in fields and warehooses, travellin up and doon the country, huvin the time ay thir lives. These perr cows must want some ay that: some good-looking skinny young cunt, wi a big cock n nae worries whae kin fuck aw night, tellin them that they're the maist beautiful thing they've ever seen, and meanin it n aw. Ay, wi aw want tae huv our cake n eat it; we aw want the money, the fun, the fuckin loat. And why the fuck no? It's the spice ay life. How they expect fanny tae be different fae cock in this day n age is beyond me.

Terry Lawson from Glue, by Irvine Welsh

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