sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010

Clarifying seizure

I think I've got it, after giving it a thought in the shower I fucking got it. It occured to me that maybe if I printed and displayed some photos of my all-time obsessions (famous and non-famous individuals) I could somehow visualize them better, more objectively and thus find out what they have in common, because god dammit I had to know! There have been too many and there are tough and complicated feelings I have to deal with, which led me to take this more seriously. So I was determined to carry out my plan when I suddenly realized it wasn't necessary. The answer was there, it had always been there! What they have in common is just as simple as this: they are my alter ego's, I mean, I could have been (like) them if I had born under similar circumstances -or that's what I think. That's why I'm drawn to them so strongly, because they draw me to myself. And the only way to relieve the anxiety is by resembling them more. Then there's also the muse category, which does not relate to myself that much but I still worship, as an inspirational element.


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Me ha parecido muy interesante, como trabajo en todos los sentidos, artístico, terapeútico, personal y has llegado a conclusiones esclarecedoras. Te felicito.