miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

It's exactly the opposite

All over the world, despite all the cultural and religious differences, this is a recurring pattern: we have trouble being attuned to our true needs and often think by being nice to others, they will automatically be nice to us as compensation or because of feelings of guilt. Often, we are lost when it comes to dealing with contradictions or people disagreeing with us. People simply expressing a difference in opinion can sometimes cause huge conflicts. Somebody shouts a little bit too loudly and it suddenly feels as if our entire sense of peace is shattered. Many of us seem to have an idolised picture of a perfect, harmonious and serene world, where everybody whispers, walks carefully and silently and acts peacefully at all times. The world is exactly the opposite! So we might as well get used to it and find ways to cope with reality in a healthy and progressive manner. This is where the question of perception comes in, as the way we perceive things plays a major part in overcoming our conflicts. Rather than expecting people arround us to change we can transform our reality by changing ourselves first.

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