miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

Producto de una noche de investigación astral

Aries in the third house:
As a result, the native may find it necessary to have a physical outlet to avoid mental aggravation, impatience, and verbal outbursts.

Tan correcto.

Sextile Saturn/ Pluto:
On the other hand the native easily lends his/her work efforts to causes that some people would consider destructive or socially undesirable merely because they want change rather than the status quo. The native is less likely to innovate approaches than he/she is to lend practical efforts to push something already going because he/she is not challenged to examine his/her intentions or sharpen his/her attitudes or particularly sacrifice his/her sense of security for what he/she is engaged in. When one is challenged every step of the way, then one tends to be more cautious and to be eventually in a cause that is perhaps more sound and desirable rather than just crackpot reactionary.

Definitivamente sí.

Conjunction Uranus/ Neptune:

The native feels peculiarly isolated in the uniqueness or the strangely upsetting quality whenever he/she gives in to spiritual flights of inspiration. While the native might want to pursue the matter further, an erratic uncontrollable factor in his/her nature seems to prevent him/her from getting closer to the situation. This native's sense of inspiration (such as it is) is swept in and out of his/her consciousness in an upsetting way. The native must somehow come to believe in the authority of his/her own insights and not be confused by comparing them with others who are not on his/her same wavelength of inspiration. The native is forced to be inspirational in ways that differ widely from ordinary channels of feeling. The native's idealism is often confused or impractical. Care is needed in the use of psychic forces. This person can also be neurotic, extremist, fanatical or have rigid, unreasonable attitudes, unusual sexual involvements or a tendency to escape through drugs or alcohol.

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