lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

About that "Neurotic" bubble... You are more neurotic than a hamster without its wheel. If you were described as an inanimate object, surely you would be a roller coaster because you have more ups, downs, and loopty loops than any high flying machine. In reality, you probably stress out before riding roller coasters because you wonder what would happen if the restraining belt broke on your car, flung you out, and you were never to be heard from or seen again until one day a band of roving gypsy children came across your body. This brings me to the following point. You are obsessive and often worry about things that A) only exist in your mind or B) you have no control over. As for your insecurities, here it is, for once and for all, for the whole world to see: You're smart enough, good enough, and dog gone it, people like you. It would be a good idea for you to do breathing exercises and relax once in awhile so that you don't one day spontaneously combust while thinking about whether or not the planet will be taken over by mutant bacteria.

Mis premoniciones tienen base sólida, lo veis?

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