sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

If you are imprisoned in your own ego you will suffer from the loss or non-existence of the right basic centre. A desire for perfection is always a sign of a too rigid ego. The ego-type is quickly roused and constantly irritated if the world does not fall in line with their ideas. You become poisoned or driven to desperation by the injustice and meaninglessness of life. This sooner or later threatens to destroy your faith. Daily life shows an anxious striving for demonstrable security. Self-confidence rests solely upon what you know, have and can do. There is always a concern to improve and preserve your position, always in fear for material security. If you are an ego-type you are sensitive about your dignity and when questioned or criticized will stiffen and turn sour. The belly will become knotted-up inside. Supernatural power can only be released through the liberation from the limitations of your ego.
Because of this Universal Western ideal for the rejection of the belly, which is unnatural and betokens a misguided way of thinking, it indicates that the natural instinct for the true bodily centre of gravity is lost. The result is that the centre of gravity is generally located higher in the upper part of the body.

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