lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

One of the most beautiful things that I think about live music is the fact that for the period of time that those people are in the place assuming that all the people came there because they love the feelings that the music generates and dictates, they're all generally feeling the same thing, they're all basically feeling good at the same time, they've all put all their thoughts about their everyday life out of their head, all their worries, they're just not on their mind. The power of music has joined all their consciousness' into one thing, they're literally functioning as one organism and they're all feeling more or less the same thing, and it's no different than when people have sex and they gradually cause each other to feel what the other one is feeling, and at a sporting event is the same thing, everybody is connected to the things that are taking place and the emotions that it arouses and it unites people in a way that in their everyday lives… you know, it's part of the tragedy of existence for we're all alone in here, there's no escape from that, you're inside your body whether you like it or not so to be able to feel that what in you is in everybody around you I think it's your ability to experience the real truth of what's really going on, that it's all one thing.
John Frusciante


"One of the signs of happiness, son, is that a person who has it becomes active. A person who does not find happiness does not feel like being active. His mind is cramped, his will is weak. What is vast and infinite brings happiness. There is no true joy in what is small or finite. I can tell you that the Infinite alone is happiness; but you must desire to understand this Infinite, my son." (…)
"When a person sees that nothing and no one is separate from him, that he is one with all the people, animals, and objects in the universe, when a person sees and hears and knows nothing else -- that is the Infinite."

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